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Our Fulfillment House Can Push Your Company Forward

Why hire your own staff to operate your shipping department, when outsourcing to a fulfillment house will save you a great deal of money. Compared to your small fulfillment house, J.M. Field Marketing is a fulfillment mansion! We own and operate one of the largest fullfillment houses in all of south Florida. At J.M. Field Marketing, we specialize in product fulfillment services, on behalf of the product owner. We have the means and recourse to fulfill any obligations when sending items or products that have been ordered, purchased, or requested from the organization.

We will flex our fulfillment know-how muscle to take as much stress off you business as possible. We know when growing your business, your main priorities shouldn’t be storage, inventory and shipping. It should be getting more business and developing your brand recognition. Fulfillment services can be tedious and time consuming, and can really take the business owner away from the aspects to their business that is really important.

We are primed for this type of work; with over twenty years of experience we are able to relieve some of the stress that might be holding your company back. We understand that every company has an image that they want to project to their clients, this is why we partner directly with you to achieve meaningful and measurable results.

Our wide range of advanced fulfillment services can be modified to suit any particular needs of your company. Our fullfillment house has one of the fastest turnaround times, reliable inventory tracking system and experienced customer service professionals. So in the realm of fulfillment marketing, J.M. Field Marketing that can deliver all on all aspects of advertising promotions from premiums and incentives right through to post sales support to ensure your success.

Fulfillment Services from our Order Fulfillment Center

Benefits of Advertising Collateral:

  • Implement catalog circulation plans that maximize income
  • Produce persuasive catalogs that pull in hundreds of orders
  • Amateur efforts will leave your catalog behind
  • Produce multi channel profit
  • Catalog productivity analysis planning and development. 
  • Expand your merchandise offerings to include new products and services your prospects and customers can't resist
  • Revitalize your business without the financial pressure that comes with adding staff

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